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HUAS Teachers and Students Watched the National Day Parade with Pride

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October 1st was the day that marked the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. HUAS teachers and students watched the national parade live on TV at different places including office, classroom, conference room and home. They witnessed the great changes of China, spoke highly of the development and extended best wishes for the motherland.

HUAS Party Secretary General, Gu Zhengqi and Vice President Liu Chunhui watched the parade with the staff, students and security guards who were on duty that day.

Teachers and students are watching the parade live in multimedia classroom

At Room C304, Dongfu Building, teachers and foreign students from International College watched the parade. The magnificent military parade and mass parade left a deep impression on these international students, who thought highly of the achievement made by Chinese people during the 70 years. After watching the parade, Kamelia, a Bangladeshi student who has been studying at HUAS for more than 2 years, said:“I really cherish the opportunity to study in China. I am studying Chinese history to know more about China. I believe China is the best country and I love China. I do hope to live in China forever.”

A student, who was a big fan of Chinese Kung Fu and Bruce Lee, named himself Li Xiaolong. He watched the parade and got very emotional. He said: "China is not only a country with rich national resources but also with numerous wonders made by its people. I hope to witness a stronger and more united China that continues to bring peace to the world and makes great effort to build a shared community of human destiny."

HUAS students felt very excitedabout the parade and were very proud of our motherland. They spoke highly of the development of our country and cheered up for the strength displayed during the parade. Students said that watching the military parade further stimulated their patriotism for the motherland and aroused the passion for technological innovation. It strengthened their determination and confidence in socialism. They would seize the day and study as hard as they could so as to live up to the expectations of the people and to be a qualified socialist successor with all-round development, which would contribute to the realization of Chinese dreams.