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CAD Play Peach Blossom Fan Comes to HUAS

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At 7:00 pm on October 15th, the classic playPeach Blossom Fan made by the Central Academy of Drama (CAD) was put on at HUAS Art Center. With exquisite stage performance, delicate portrayal and profound atmosphere, it brought an artistic enjoyment and visual feast for thousands of teachers.

Peach Blossom Fan is a legendary script written by Kong Shangren from Qing Dynasty.It tells a love story that took place in Nanjing in the late Ming Dynasty. The joys and sorrows of the romance between Hou Chaozong and Li Xiangjun were the main lines. It displayed the social life of Nanjing in the late Ming Dynasty, exposed the reasons for the decline of the regime, and praised the heroes and the ordinary people who were loyal to the country. The exquisite performance of the actors, together with the amazing light and sound effects, made the play vivid and impressive. It also made the characters animate and convincing on the stage. The audience was immersed into the joys and sorrows of each character from the play by the incredible performance of the actors.

The playPeach Blossom Fan is a highlight of HUAS's 2019 art-into-campus project. It improves the cultural atmosphere on campus and it helps to build the campus culture in which teachers and students can get close to the classics and enjoy the beauty of art.