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2019 Travel across the Strait and Get-together at Sun Moon Lake HUAS-to-Taiwan Exchange Activity Completed

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At 9 o'clock on the morning of June 22, setting-out ceremony for 2019Travel across the Strait and Get-together at Sun Moon Lake activity was held at Room A205, Yifu Building. HUAS Vice President Liu Chunhui, Director of the International Exchange Department Hu Fangyi, Director of Student Affair Office Ma Yulin, and other fifteen teachers and students who planned to travel to Taiwan for the cultural exchange attended the ceremony.

At the ceremony, Xie Yue, a student representative from the delegation to Taiwan, made a speech. He said that he would cherish this opportunity to travel and make his own contribution to the communication between the youngsters across straight and the unity of Chinese nation. The teacher representative Xiao Pan also made a speech and said he would spare no effort to guarantee the safety and discipline and lead the students to complete the exchange successfully. Then fifteen teachers and students took an oath at the ceremony. Director Ma Yulin gave the school flag to the student representative Xie Yue. Finally, HUAS Vice President Liu Chunhui delivered a speech at the ceremony. He emphasized all the students must have some awareness: first, political awareness; second, discipline awareness; third, study awareness; forth, safety awareness. He extended his best wishes to all the students and teachers in the delegation.

On June 23, the fifteen teachers and students went to Taiwan for an eight-day exchange activity themed Travel across the Strait and Get-together at Sun Moon Lake. During the exchange activity, the delegation visited Jingwen University of Science and Technology, Taiwan University and some other universities. They also visited the campuses, professional laboratories, teaching practice bases and school museums. Through the exchange, the students broadened their horizons, improved their overall quality and deepened their understanding of Taiwan's higher education and cultural life, which enabled the students to emotionally and culturally interact with each other. The HUSA delegation not only enlarged their knowledge but also displayed their spirit to the students and teachers in Taiwan. HUAS would like to take this opportunity to deepen the cooperative relationship with the schools in Taiwan.