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HUAS Officials Visit Longyang Village for Poverty Alleviation Work

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On May 9th, HUAS Party Secretary Gu Zhengqi, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and HUAS President Long Xianzhong, and Deputy Party Secretary Gong Weiming went to Longyang Village, Xiejia Town, Yongding District, Zhangjiajie City to help the poor. They conducted on-the-spot investigations of the poverty alleviation work. The Director of Organization Department, Ruan Jinping, Vice President and Deputy Director of Organization Department Qiao Chen and other relevant staff went to the village as well.

Longyang Village is located in the southeast of Zhangjiajie City. The villagers are mostly Tujia people. The village is surrounded by mountains on two sides and has a long and narrow terrain. It has a small cultivated area and poor natural conditions. It is one of the two poorest villages in Zhangjiajie City. In Longyang Village, the school officials first listened to the report on the support work from Wu Zongfu and Village Party Secretary Cao Xingzhu.

Since this January, Wu Zongfu, Liu Guangming, and Tang Shengbin, three members of the poverty alleviation team have been working in the village with a strong support from HUAS party committee,local party committees and local government. Wu Zongfu said that the poverty alleviation work in Longyang Village mainly started from the four following aspects: First, party should pay attention to unity. The village branches should be united to do their job in the service of the masses. Second, party should focus on the local projects. Longyang Village has lunched eight poverty alleviation projects so far and more projects will be lunched in near future. Third, party should concentrate on the local businesses. Tea planting and Chinese herbal medicine are the main local businesses in the village.Besides, local poultry business should be encouraged. Fourth, education should be valued.Party should care more for the elderly and left-behind children and enrich their spiritual world.

Gong Weiming, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the poverty alleviation work team for the tireless effort they have made to help the region. He pointed out that the poverty alleviation work in Longyang Village was difficult. He hoped that the poverty alleviation team would overcome all the obstacles to get the alleviation work done.

Preisident Long Xianzhong, said that the school is paying a lot of attention to the poverty alleviation work in the village, and hoped that the poverty alleviation team would make a thorough investigation to accurately know the basic information of the village and the poor households. The accurate information would be a great help in terms of decision-making of the team. Long also emphasized that on the one hand, we must resolutely lay down the instructions and requirements of General Secretary Xi Jinping to win the tough battle of poverty alleviation. On the other hand, the school must also continue to strengthen the efforts of solving poverty problems through education to make sure Longyang Village alleviation work has would be complete successfully..

HUAS Party Secretary Gu Zhengqi spoke highly of the work done by our school in the village. He pointed out that HUAS party committee has paid a lot of attention to poverty alleviation work. More than 20,000 teachers and students throughout the school fully supported poverty alleviation work and they also had successful poverty alleviation experiences at Shuangtai Village in Shimen. The poverty alleviation work in Longyang Village will surely be finished. At the same time, Gu made three requirements for the members of the poverty alleviation team. First, it is necessary for them to improve political awareness, recognize the importance of poverty alleviation work, and have a core consciousness in their minds. Second, it is important to maintain a pragmatic working attitude.The team members should visit the poor family house by house and make sure the work was done step by step. Third, they must unite and cooperate with each other. The school will help the team members to solve their own problems in life and work. Only with the strong support and assistance of the school, can the team members devote themselves wholeheartedly to the poverty alleviation work.

After listening to the report, HUAS officials visited Shangganxi Group and Tianxin Group of Longyang Village with Zhang Lei, Deputy Director of Provincial Working Committee, and Tianmin, Secretary of Organization Department of Yongding District. During the visit, they Poverty checked the road hardening project and dam construction work. They also carried out on-the-spot investigations for drinking water construction projects, road construction, poor households' businesses, farming market and so on. It provided crucial information for the HUAS decision-making of the poverty alleviation policies.