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The Tenth "HUAS Top Ten Students" and 2016-2017 "National Scholarship" Award Ceremony Successfully Held

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On the afternoon of May 29th, the tenth "HUAS Top Ten Students" and the 2016-2017 "National Scholarship" award ceremony were held at the Art Center. Ten outstanding student such as Yi Tian and other twenty-four winners of “National Scholarship” such as Luo Jian were honored at the ceremony. HUAS President Long Xianzhong and Vice President Li Hongge attended the ceremony and presented awards to students.


VCR was used to show the stories of the “Top Ten Students ” including the “Study Model” Yi Tian, “Academic Research Model” Huang Jun, “Moral Model” Peng Yirong,“All-round Model” Wu Xiaoxia, and “Self-strive Model” Feng Jun, “Party Member Model” Li Chunrong, “Teamwork Model” Li Meng and so on. Ten models have set up good examples for the students and their words and deeds have inspired other students to understand the importance of dedication, persistence, responsibility, greatness and love.

When Li Meng, the“Teamwork Model”was interviewed by the host,she said that self-discipline is the key to improving team spirit and efficiency. At the same time, a sense of belonging and pride would help students to be united. Only being united can the team get things done. “Academic Research Model” Huang Jun has got many provincial and national prizes for his achievement in scientific research. When being asked about why he sticks to doing research, he said that he strongly believed that perseverance was the most significant factor that leads someone to success.      



At the ceremony, the top ten students and national scholarship winners made a proposal to all teachers and students to set up the following principles: setting up high goals, strengthening the belief, loving the motherland, serving the people, improving oneself, keeping up with time, thinking creatively, being down-to-earth, being practical, obeying the law, seeking the truth, remembering responsibility, working hard, staying positive etc.


At the end of the ceremony, President Long Xianzhong delivered a speech. He congratulated and praised the honored students and expressed his sincere thanks to all the staff. At the same time, he gave some suggestions to the students. First, students should stay grateful and mindful. They should tell the differences between right and wrong, public and private, true and false. Second, they should comprehensively improve their overall abilities. They should learn and think. Third, they should be innovative and entrepreneurial. They should enhance their sense of competitiveness, and dare to open up. He hoped that these activities can give more opportunities to the outstanding talents and continue to promote the HUAS spirit. For the award recipients, they should work hard to make more achievements. For the other HUAS students, they should learn from these role models and improve themselves.


Party Committee Publicity Department Director Yang Yun, Party School Executive Vice President and Organization Deputy Director Qiao Chen, Director of Recruitment and Employment Department Ruan Zuoyuan, Director of Academic Affairs Guo Jierong, and relevant staff from Department of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Youth League Committee, Student Work Department and student representatives   in a total number of more than 1000 people attended the ceremony.