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Countless Donations from HUAS Alumni

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How time flies. The 60th Anniversary of HUAS is on the way. As the celebration day is approaching, alumni from all over the world have taken initiatives to donate money and to extend their wishes for their alma mater’s 60th birthday. It started the trend of celebrating the 60th anniversary of HUAS.

After knowing the news that HUAS will hold its 60th anniversary celebration ceremony on October 20th,2018. The alumni were very happy. In recent months, they have communicated with the school through different channels to make their donations. In particular, there are many working-class alumni, such as Deng Zhiyu from Shanghai and Zhuo Kaling from Beijing etc. They donated 1,000 yuan or 2,000 yuan to HUAS as soon as they knew the news. They also said that they would make their own contributions to 60th anniversary ceremony, and they hoped HUAS will become better and better. A large number of alumni from mechanical design, manufacturing, and automation majors anonymously donated thousands of RMB through HUAS Educational Development Foundation, which completely revealed their love for the school.

Some HUAS staff members who are also HUAS alumnus actively joined the current wave of donations for the 60th anniversary celebration ceremony. For example, Cai Shenglan from Performing Arts and Media College donated 1,000 yuan. Zhu Dan from HUAS Party Office donated 2,000 yuan and she said that she was not only a faculty member but also an alumna, so it was her obligation to make her own contribution to HUAS 60th anniversary celebration. The retired teacher Chen Zhenqian voluntarily donated 399 books worthy of tens of thousands yuan to the school. Chen Zhaoguo from Mechanical Engineering College donated a car to the school as a teaching equipment for the newly opened automobile service engineering course. Song Guoqing, Li Yongping and other two teachers also donated more than 3,000 yuan in total. All of these have reflexed their love for HUAS.

Wei Yi, who is in charge of all the 60th anniversary preparation work, told the reporter that alumni’s concern and support for their alma mater is an important sign of how successful HUAS has been since its establishment. He hoped that all departments of the school would actively follow the trend, and take the good opportunities to call for more support from alumni through APP and other means of social network.