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HUAS Teachers and Students Focused on 2018 Two Sessions

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During the two sessions, HUAS students and teachers have been keeping a close eye on the meeting and studying the spirit of the two sessions. They expressed their determination to work tirelessly for the betterment of education cause in our country.


2018 is a crucial year for the promotion of double first-class universities. Premier Li Keqiang stressed that the universities should optimize higher education structures and speed up the construction of double first-class universities. What concerns HUAS all faculty members most is how to get this work done. Director Liu Shudong said HUAS should try its best to improve the scientific research abilities. To be more specific, the school should focus on hiring more talents and setting up scientific research groups. Through this, a high level platform can be established and it would improve HUAS research quality and contribute greatly to the construction of double-first class university.


Doctor JiangJianhui said the key is to develop fair and high-quality education. It is very important to form a teaching group with high quality in university. As teachers are the educators not only for knowledge but also for morals. Forming a strong teaching group is of great significance for the implementation of the party policies. HUAS also launched many projects relevant with morality construction among all the teachers. Through those projects, teachers have improved themselves and had a better understanding of the fundamental principles such as serving the students, being the role models, taking responsibility and being humbled.


Sun Yue, a student from Literature and History College said the government report pointed out it was necessary to put investment into urban and rural compulsory education to decrease the dropout students ratio in rural areas. As a formal education student, he went to the rural areas himself and found out that the gap between cities and villages was enormous. Thus government should encouraged more high quality teachers to teach in rural areas and helped to improve the teaching quality in those areas.


Huang Yuan, a student from Civil Engineering College pointed out the employment was a big issue in the government report. There are 11 million new employees in the city and the reported unemployment ratio is within 5.5% and the documented unemployment ratio is within 4.5%. As a polytechnic major student, he was greatly impressed by the rapid development of our country. With the development of the economy on the whole, the graduate employment would increase dramatically as well, not to mention the innovation in many industries. They would all affect graduates on choosing a job. Therefore, they were very confident about finding a satisfying job in the booming market.


Yang Qinglin, a student from Resource Environment and Tourism College said he had a better understanding of environmental protection issues. He thought the proposals on environmental issues had a big influence on helping people establish the awareness of environmental protection. Because of the proposal, more rules and relations were published by government to protect our environment. During this spring festival, there were much less people using fireworks and firecrackers. And the notorious Beijing smog appeared less and less. As more efforts are made by government, clean water and green hills would be taken away from people. After graduation, he would work as an environmental protector to make his own contribution to environmental protection.