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HUAS Volunteers’ Effort to Protect Yuan River

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On the morning of March 9th,the mother river of Changde, Yuan River was as beautiful as always. What made the difference was that there were a large group of youngsters picking up litter along the river bank.


These four hundred people are volunteers from Changde Environmental Association. Among them, there are also some volunteers from HUAS taking part in this activity on the theme of “protecting our mother river, building up a civilized city”. HUAS students and volunteers from other organizations picked up litter, handed out fliers and took practical action to protect our mother river. Some environmental experts also did their job in examining the water quality around Poetry Wall Park.


Before the activity, all volunteers got together alongside Yuan river bank to witness the rewarding ceremony for “the Best Volunteer and Group of 2017”. Staff members from Changde Water Resource Bureau taught all the volunteers some knowledge of water conservation. Then everyone solemnly signed their names on the “ Protecting Mother River, Drinking Clean Water”banner.


Miss Chen Ying, the chief of Changde Volunteering Association,said: it has been eleven years since the launch of volunteers protecting Yuan River activity. The number of participants has grown from 100 people to 400 people. The purpose of this activity is to help improve people’s awareness on environmental protection. To our amusement, people are much more aware of the importance of environmental protection than they were ten years ago. All the volunteers from Changde have made their own contributions to this cause. I am in my 50s now and I am determined to continue doing what we have done till the last days of my life.”