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Secretary Gu Zhengqi Visited Hekou Community

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On September 27, Professor Gu Zhengqi, HUAS Secretary of Party Committee, went deep into the undeveloped village - Hekou Community in Sansheng Village, Shimen County to have a better understanding of the assistance work, solve the problems and ensure the accurate implementation of the assistance work. Dai Jun, Director of HUAS Party Office, Xiong Chengqun, Director of HUAS Personnel Department, Hu Fangyi, Director of the International Exchange Department, Huang Xiangyang, Dean of the Marxism College, and Liu Shuang, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee in College of Mechanical Engineering also went to the place and help the villages them one on one.

In Hekou community, Secretary Gu first listened to the report on the assistance work from Wu Zongfu and Yuan Chaowen. Since the assistance arrived in the village, Wu Zongfu, Liu Guangming and Liu Xiaobo have worked closely with the village officials under the leadership of HUAS party committees and with the strong support of the local government. implementation of the Hekou community support programs has been gradually achieved.

Secretary Gu appraised the work done by our staff in the village. He emphasized that HUAS party committee and administrations highly value the assistance work. The aid to the village was not only a political task but also a requirement of fulfilling political responsibilities. It also reflected the true feelings towards Hekou community.

Secretary Gu said that the goal of assistance work to Hekou community was not only to help them get out of poverty, but also help them to build up a beautiful village. He demanded that assistant staff should pay attention to finding out problems in their work, timely report the problems and make the effort to solve the problems. In terms of the implementation of specific projects, there should be time limit. Communication and coordination should be strengthened so as to promote the effective implementation of the work. In the area of sustainable industrial development, HUAS was willing to provide technical support for the development of aquaculture industry in Hekou community.

After the meeting, on behalf of HUAS, Secretary Gu Zhengqi donated 850,000 yuan to Hekou community as the development fund. He and other staff members from HUAS, accompanied by local village officials, visited  Tree Planting Industry Park and Guangfu Power Plant and some other projects. They also paid a visit to Wang Bin and Wang Chengxian who were in extreme poverty, and asked in detail about the current financial situation of the family and the education of their children. They expressed their deep concerns to the poor households.