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HUAS Two-level Management by University and College

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On Sept 18th, HUAS two-level management by university and college meeting was held at room B603 of Yifu Building. HUAS President Long Xianzhong expressed his idea on how to do a better job in school management and development so as to lead to a better future for HUAS. Vice President Li Hongge hosted the meeting. President Assistant Qi Heng and other relevant staff attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Planning Department reported the current two-level management situation from 19 colleges and 10 departments. Relevant directors talked about some management problems they had in their work. They also gave their own thoughts on how to solve these problems. It could be concluded that it was quite challenging to promote two-level management approach in their work and more strategies should be come up with to keep it going.  

President Long Xianzhong spoke highly of the meeting and pointed out the meeting was a great success in terms of how efficient it was to solve some real problems. He also emphasized that two-level management by university and college would be a revolutionary change for school. All the staff should pay a great deal of attention to it. To make the change happen, there are two key factors that everyone should focus on. First,the significance of two-level management should be valued. Chinese President Xi Jinping pointed out that  Mistakes, which are inevitable during making some revolutionary changes,are no excuse for doing nothing. So we should not be afraid of making mistakes, but be brave enough to deal with all the obstacles during making some changes. Second,all staff should remember making progress is always the priority. Making changes is to make progress.Only by making changes can the school make progress. Once the revolution starts, there is no way back. So everyone should try their best to finish what has been started. Third,a fair system of prize and punishment should be established among all the colleges to encourage more teachers to get involved in making contribution to better two-level management system.

Vice President Li Hongge concluded that the tasks for first-half year were not quite finished yet which was far behind the original plan. In this case, all members should have a sense of urgency. There were some difficulties in term of promoting two-level management system.Therefore, everyone should be more responsible and be united. More communication,creativity and initiative should be encouraged to solve the problems. Everyone should roll up their sleeves and get down to finish the task by the end of the year.