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HUAS 60th Anniversary Ceremony is Underway

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On the morning of Oct 26th, preparation meeting for HUAS 60th anniversary ceremony was held at room A305, Yifu Building. HUAS Secretary of Party Committee Gu Zhengqi, Prof. Wei Yi and other relevant members attended the meeting. It was hosted by Prof. Wei Yi.

At the meeting, Song Guoqing from HUAS Alumni Association read the relevant documents from Hunan Provincial Education Department and listened carefully to the report from HUAS.  Director Yang Yun from Publicity Department briefly reported the ongoing work in building HUAS School Museum and made some suggestions on the organization work of the 60th anniversary ceremony. Other relevant staff who are in charge of the work have also offered their own suggestions.

Prof.Wei pointed out that all the relevant departments should pay great attention to the preparation work and make sure everything is going smoothly. He said : “The key to making the celebration a success is to gain a wide range of support from alumnus and different communities in society. The donation from numerous alumnus for anniversary celebration has laid a solid foundation for the success of the activity. It is a responsibility for all members to work hard to guarantee the smooth organization and to keep a close connection with HUAS School Alumni.

At last, Secretary Gu Zhengqi emphasized five points in regard to the preparation work. First, all the colleges and departments should pay attention to the importance of the anniversary ceremony. Second, all the colleges and departments should take full responsibility of their work respectively. Third, alumni office should supervise the work to ensure everything is under control and every piece of work is finished on time. Fourth, every activity should be organized within the law. Fifth, the ceremony should be under the principle of thrifty, simplicity and solemnity.