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A Happy Ending of the Military Training

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On the morning of Oct 20th, 2017 Military Training Ceremony was held at the First Sports Stadium. HUAS Secretary of Party Committee Gu Zhengqi, HUAS President Long Xianzhong, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee Gong Weiming, Vice President Li Daping, Secretary of Discipline Committee Zeng Yan, Vice President Guo Guoqiang, Military Officer Su Wei and relevant faculty members attended the ceremony. Director of the Security Department Chen Wanqing hosted the ceremony.

At 8:40 am, students were passionately singing the national anthem and HUAS anthem at the First Sports Stadium which opened up the curtain for the military assembly, HUAS President Long Xianzhong reviewed the students formation and extended his appreciation to all the first year students. “ Thank you for your hard work!” “ For glory of our school! ”  The students answered in high spirits.

Under the instruction of the military trainer general, the students formation started to march towards rostrum for the review with great enthusiasm and energy. Students and their military trainers paraded in a powerful and well-organized manner with high spirits, which displayed the remarkable military training result. The pride and joy on their faces reflected their youthfulness and grace as HUAS students.

After the parade, the students began their formation changing performance. To celebrate the 19th CPC National Congress, a huge formation that consisted of 1,000 students turned into the shape of Chinese characters “ nineteen ”, which attracted all the attention from the audience. Compared with the performance last year, this year’s performance included stick and shield drill, military style martial arts,  knife drill by female performers etc. What struck people most is the performance from school culture representatives with their powerful voice, agile movement and majestic poise. It made a deep impression on all the audience and won themselves endless applause which pushed the show to a climax.

Deputy Secretary Gong Weiming made a speech at the ceremony. On behalf of the HUAS Party Committee, he congratulated all the first year students on their wonderful performance and extended gratitude to all the military trainers and other staff who worked very hard to guarantee the satisfying result of military training. Mr.Gong pointed out that there were some clear features about the military training this year: students are both mentally and physically cultivated; off-ground training and on-ground training are both valued; being both strict and protective towards students. Furthermore, he hoped the students would put what they have learned from military training into their study or work and make a great effort to realize the Chinese dream of revival with their ambition,education,morality and discipline.

Vice President Li Daping announced the list of outstanding organization and individual awards for military training. Formal College, Electrical Information Engineering College, International College, Arts and Media College, Resource Environment and Tourism College, Law College, Physics and Electronic Science College, Furong College were rewarded as  outstanding organizations; Zhang Kai and other 19 trainers were rewarded as outstanding trainers; Zhou Qikun and other 24 teachers were rewarded as outstanding individuals; Gu Huiyi and other 299 students were rewarded as outstanding students.