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2017 Opening Ceremony for First-Year Students

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On the morning of Sept 11th , 2017 opening ceremony for all the first-year students was held at the First Sports Stadium. HUAS Secretary of Party Committee Gu Zhengqi, HUAS President Long Xianzhong, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee Gong Weiming, Vice President Li Daping, Secretary of Discipline Committee Zeng Yan, Vice President Guo Guoqiang, Vice President Li Hongge, Prof.Wei Yi,Prof.Li Min attended the ceremony. There were 6,589 first-year students attending the ceremony. It was hosted by Vice President Li Hongge.


After the national anthem and flag raising ceremony, President Long Xianzhong began to deliver a speech named Seize the Days in a Summer Time. At first, on behalf of HUAS, he extended a warm welcome to all the freshers. Then he introduced some basic information about the university.He pointed out that HUAS is a school that is very proud of his long history, glorious tradition, diverse culture and beautiful environment.With thousands of high-qualified professors and faculty members,HUAS has been regarded as one of the most prominent universities in Hunan Province.  

How to make full use of the four years at university was clearly a question to all of the firs-year students at the moment. President Long stated that there were two purposes for the college students. The first one was the practical purpose.To go to college was to learn expertise. It would not only help students become qualified professionals but also help students make a living. The second one was the spiritual purpose. Mr.Long encouraged all the students to be more than just a professional, but an intellectual with responsibility and humanity. In order to achieve that, students must do well in these three aspects: first, they must learn their basic courses very well; second, they must lay solid good foundation for their majors; third,they must have a wide range of knowledge. Only by doing well in these three aspects, can they build a good foundation for the further development.   

At last, President Long hoped all the freshers could seize their prime time of life and inherit the HUAS spirit, which is to seek knowledge and truth. He wished all the first-year students would learn something useful, meaningful and enlightening so as to leave their youthful steps on the development of the school.


At the ceremony,  Miss. Li Xiaohua from Sports College delivered a speech on behalf of all the teachers suggesting that all the teachers would try their best to do their part to educate and nurture the students so as to cultivate more qualified talents for the society.  The student representative Bai Xuwei, a junior student from Law College also gave a speech on his understanding and thoughts of college life. The first-year student representative Zhaojin from Life and Environment Science College gave a speech on his high expectation of college life.

In the end of the ceremony, under the guide of the student representative Zhang Yaping, all first-year students solemnly took the oath that they determined to study hard and to live a fulfilled level life that they will never regret.