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Teachers Pick Up Students at Railway Station

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Autumn is in the air. It is the season of orientation again. In order to make the students feel welcome and comfortable getting back to school, on Sept 2nd and 3rd hundreds of HUAS faculty members volunteered themselves to pick up the returning students.

It was rainy and cold outside but the passion teachers have shown towards the students never faded away. Early in the morning around 7 am, teachers began to drive to the railway station to pick up the students. Teachers put a sign with HUAS logo on their cars and waited patiently for the coming students in a well-organized manner.  Mr.Ma from Student Affair Department told us that the message of the pick-up activity has been sent to all the students via mobile phone. Since the pick-up activity worked very well last term, it has become a tradition that would help students to get back to school safe and sound.


According to the survey by Student Affair Department, nearly one hundred private cars have been registered to take part in the pick-up activity. Mr. Wu from Sports College even provided two cars for the activity. He told us that there were totally 13 teachers from Sports College volunteering to pick up the students. He thought it was an meaningful and useful activity especially given that it has always been raining in Changde these days. It would guarantee students’ safety and make teachers feel more assured.


The students were also deeply touched by the warmth and hospitality from the teachers. A sophomore student from Electric College was full of joy and excitement, “ When I saw Mr. Yang Mingsheng from my college at the railway station, I felt like home. It’s so warm and happy to get back to school.”


The pick-up activity, which was launched and organized by School Union and Student Affair Department, received a wide support and a warm response from all the faculty staff. In order to ensure the safety and stability of the pick-up activity, Student Affair Department made great effort in activity organization. The car conditions and drivers’ experience were also carefully examined.