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Red Song Singing Competition Was Held

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On Oct 13th, 7:00 pm, more than 5,000 students got together in the drizzle at the First Sports Stadium to attend the  Sing My Chinese Dream to Celebrate 19th CPC National        Congress singing competition. HUAS Vice President Li Hongge, Director of Student Affair Department Ma Yulin, Secretary of CPC Youth League Committee Qiao Cheng and other relevant    staff members attended the competition alongside all the first year students and their military trainees.

The competition, which aimed at passing the traditional      culture to the next generations, successfully attracted a    large number of young students. As a result, all nineteen  colleges organized their own team to participate the         competition. All the teams rehearsed seriously before the    competition,which laid a solid foundation for their successful performance. all the performers were in high spirits and    sang the songs loudly and passionately. The performances on stage were various which won the endless applause from the audience. 


Songs such as Sing My CountryWe Are On the TaiHang      Mountain have expressed people’s great admiration for        Communist  Party of China; songs such as Road to Revival My Country Never Forgets MeMy Chinese Heart have eulogized great patriotism from people. Those classic red songs have stood the test of time and become cultural and spiritual feast for people to enjoy everlastingly.

After a careful accession and selection, Furong College was finally awarded the first prize; Normal College and Foreign Languages College were both rewarded the second prize; Mechanical Engineering College,Computer Science Technology College and Material Engineering College were all rewarded the third prize.