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Foreign Expert Received Special Allowance

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    Recently, Hunan Human Resources and Social Security Office has published the list of Hunan provincial government allowance winners. British expert James Elroy Edinton , as one of the three teachers who won the allowance, was the first foreign teacher from HUAS who has ever won the honor.
    Born in Bristol, England. James is proficient in English, French and German. Recognized as a campus star in English Corner and Foreign Teacher Seminar,he has been working as an English teacher at HUAS since 2009.As a messenger for Sino-British culture, he has continued introducing Chinese culture and Hunan culture to foreigners. Moreover, he was a public service enthusiast who donated his blood to the people suffering from earthquake in Yushu, Qinghai and he paid his visit to the people who are in need in person. His commitment and contribution has been highly appreciated by the public. He was awarded Friendship Prize by Hunan Foreign Expert Bureau and was named as My Favourite Foreign Teacher by various organizations. His story was reported on the coverage of Changde Evening Newspaper.
    James, who has a strong bond with Changde and devotes himself to HUAS, has been happily married to a local lady with a lovely child.