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Special Government Allowance for Foreign Teacher James

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    On November 22th , The Award Presentation Ceremony for Foreign Teachers at HUAS was held at Room A704, YiFu Building. HUAS President Long Xianzhong, relevant staff from International Exchange Department and all the foreign teachers at HUAS attended the ceremony.
    At the ceremony, Director of International Exchange Department, Hu Fangyi displayed the list of Hunan provincial government allowance winners.Foreign expert James Elroy Edginton, as one of the top three foreign experts who had successfully won the honor of the allowance, was the first HUAS foreign teacher who ever won the prize.
    President Long congratulated James for his achievement and highly praised James for his extraordinary contribution to HUAS.
    At last, Long introduced internationalization of HUAS to the foreign teachers present and pointed out the four major breakthroughs and three critical developments. He spoke highly of the contribution made by all the foreign teachers and expected the foreign teachers to build the bridge of friendship between China and rest of the world. Furthermore, he was looking forward to more cooperation between HUAS and foreign experts.