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Hunan University of Arts and Science Education Development Foundation

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About Us
Hunan University of Arts and Science Education Development Foundation (HUASEDF) is a non public offering foundation registered in Hunan Provincial Department of Civil Affairs with Hunan Provincial Department of Education as its competent business unit. The first fund was ¥3000,000, donated by HUAS.
The Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of 13 directors who serve 5 years in a term and can be chosen for a successive term. The Foundation has 1 supervisor, who serves in the same term as the directors and can be reappointed consecutively.
Our Mission
Our mission is to improve the education quality and promote the development of education and research of the University by raising educational funds from domestic and foreign enterprises, social organizations and individuals. In accordance with the constitution, laws, regulations, national policies and moral standards, the foundation coordinates and manages the social donations to Hunan University of Arts and Science.
Our Undertaking
n    Aid and reward the poverty-stricken excellent students and teachers in Hunan University of Arts and Science;
n    Support discipline construction, university-industry research cooperation projects and talent introduction;
n    Support and renew teaching and scientific research facilities;
n    Set up aid programs in accordance with the donor’s wishes and the mission of the Foundation;
n    Carry out other public interest projects relevant to the educational cause of HUAS in accordance to the mission of the Foundation.
Our Address
The 2nd Floor, No.1 Office Building, Hunan University of Arts and Science, Dongting Avenue 3150(Zip Code: 415000)