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2015 Recruitment for Top Talents

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    Welcome to recruitment at Hunan University of Arts and Science. We have a long history of nurturing research and innovation, and producing some of the finest minds in academia and the professional world. Regardless of the work you do here, you’ll be encouraged to think, challenge, explore, extend, and express, in an environment where there is never a shortage of inspiration. We encourage you to take your time and discover the right opportunity for you at Hunan University of Arts and Science.
1. Discipline/Major:
    World History, Chinese Language & Literature, Journalism & Communication, English, Japanese, Education, Philosophy, Marxist Theory, Law, Tourism Management, Business Administration (Marketing & Financial Management), Accounting, Applied Economics, Mathematics, Financial Mathematics (Applied Statistics, Finance & Insurance), Physics, Optical Engineering, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering & Technology, Materials Science & Engineering, Geography, Geographic Information Systems, Biology, Aquaculture, Food Science & Engineering, Computer Science & Technology (Network Pattern Recognition & Artificial Intelligence, Network Engineering, Internet of Things Engineering, Information Management & Information System), Software Engineering, Control Science & Engineering, Information & Communication Engineering, Electronic Science & Technology, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Urban/Rural Planning, Civil Engineering, Science & Technology of Surveying & Mapping, P.E., Music & Dance, Art, Design, etc..
2. Levels
Doctors, Discipline Leading Figures, and “Leading Talents + Team”.
3. Contact
We welcome your enquiry about any aspect of working at Hunan University of Arts and Science.
Tel: +86-(0)736-7186023
General enquiries:
Mr. Li. (13973652700)
Hunan University of Arts and Science
3150 Dongting Road, Changde, Hunan Province, China, 415000
Benefits for 2015 Top Talents
    We welcome open minds, curiosity, and a readiness to make great efforts towards our goal of “building a high-level university in Hunan well-known both at home and abroad.”
We are committed to diversity and equal opportunity, including our initiatives and programs.
    Most staff at the University are covered by the University’s Agreement. We offer a wide variety of other financial and non-financial benefits to our staff as follows.
1. Benefits for Doctors
(1) We are committed to offer our Top Talents a range of settling-in allowances: RMB ¥120000, RMB ¥150000 and RMB ¥200000.
Settling-in Allowance
World History, Chinese Language & Literature, Education, Philosophy, Marxist Theory, Law, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering & Technology, Materials Science & Engineering, Geography, Biology, Aquaculture, Food Science & Engineering, etc..
RMB ¥120000
Journalism & Communication, English, Japanese, P. E., Music & Dance, Art, Design, Business (Marketing & Financial Management), Management, Accounting, Applied Economics, Geographic Information System, Tourism Management, Financial Mathematics(Applied Statistics, Finance & Protect Risk Subject), Optical Engineering, Computer Science & Technology, Software Engineering, Control Science & Engineering, Information & Communication Engineering, Electronic Science & Technology, Electrical Engineering, Urban & Rural Planning, etc..
RMB ¥150000
Mechanical Engineering, Urban/Rural Planning, Civil Engineering, Science & Technology of Surveying & Mapping, etc..
RMB ¥200000
(2) Scientific research start-up funds: RMB ¥50000 (science & engineering doctors), RMB ¥50000(doctors other than science & engineering)
(3) Transitional housing, free from rent within 1 year; privilege to buy group-purchase housing (average price: RMB ¥3880/㎡ (granted free trade after termination of service).
(4) Allowance by Changde Human Resources & Social Security Bureau (RMB ¥25000, allotted within 3 years).
(5) High-level doctors may enjoy higher Settling-in Allowance provided having completed scientific research committed to the University in recruitment.
2. Benefits for Discipline Leading Figures
(1) Settling-in allowances:RMB ¥500000.
(2) Lab construction funds: RMB ¥400000 (science & engineering Labs); RMB ¥200000 (Labs other than science & engineering).
(3) Transitional housing, free from rent or group-purchase housing with half price (granted free trade after termination of service).
3. Benefits for Leading Talents + Team
(1) Leading Talents
a. Settling-in allowances negotiable.
b. Lab construction funds: RMB ¥1000000 (science & engineering labs); RMB ¥500000 (labs other than science & engineering).
c. Transitional housing, free from rent.
d. A gift of housing of 120㎡ (granted free trade after termination of service).
(2) Team Members
Referring to Benefits for other top talents accordingly or negotiable.
5. Benefits for Formally-introduced Top Talents
(1) Settling-in Allowance, Lab Construction Fund, and Scientific Start-up Fund.
Top talents shall borrow a lump sum of their settling-in allowance and strike balance after termination of service provided having signed agreement with the University after offering their Certificate of Academic Degree, certificate of diploma, and personnel files. Lab construction fund and scientific start-up fund shall be allotted in the form of scientific projects, 60% in the first session and the rest if qualified in the Annual Appraisal.
(2) Base Salary
a. Top talents negotiable.
b. Discipline leading figures and the team members: same with the equivalent of the peer colleagues.
c. Newly-graduated doctors shall enjoy job subsidies of lecturers in principle, doctors with the professional titles higher than associate professor shall enjoy job subsidies accordingly.
(3) Scientific Research Award
Talents newly introduced to the University with state-level scientific research projects shall enjoy extra matching funds by the University.
(4) Trip Reimbursement
Talents formally employed shall be paid by the University expenses of interview, report and shipping charges according to the relevant provisions, overseas students shall be paid by the University airfare from study location to Changsha or Changde.
(5) Spouses Work Arrangements
In principle spouse work arrangement is not taken into consideration. As for the spouses of extremely outstanding top talents and those the University is in badly need of may be employed as contract employees at the University.
6. Non-formally introduced talents shall enjoy the due benefits and related project matching funds according to specifics determined in the contract.
Role Types
    The responsibilities of Top Talents may vary according to the specific requirements of the University, different discipline requirements and/or individual staff development. Typical standards for levels of Top Talents, namely, teaching and research academic staff and for research (only) academic staff, other than casual staff, are as set out in the University’s Agreement.
    The levels are differentiated by level of complexity, degree of autonomy, leadership requirements of the position and level of achievement of the academic staff members.
    A staff member appointed to a particular level may be assigned, and may be expected to undertake responsibilities and functions of any level up to and including the level to which the academic staff member is appointed or promoted. In addition, staff may undertake elements of the work of a higher level in order to gain experience and expertise consistent with the requirements of the University’s promotion processes.
    Every discipline is unique, with its own goals, expectations, and complexities. Academic roles range from Leading Talents, Discipline Leading Figures through to Doctors.
1. Leading Talents (≤50 years old)
Special “Yangtze Scholars”, Winners of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, State-Level Young Experts with Outstanding Contributions, Level-1/2 Candidates for the “One-hundred plus One-thousand plus Ten-thousand Talent Project”, Leaders of State Key Disciplines, State-Level Renowned Teachers, Directors of the State Key Labs, and the equivalent of the above, excellent overseas talents with the title of associate professor in the world’s top 50 universities. There are no age limits for academicians of CAS and CAE, Member of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and master experts at home or abroad.
2. Discipline Leading Figures
Professors with a doctor’s degree, not older than 45(broader restraints for the excellent),higher academic influence and academic status. The achievements within the recent five years meet all of the following requirements:
(1) Host of 1 key project or 2 general projects of NSFC (the National Natural Science Foundation of China) or NSSF(the National Social Science Foundation), or the equivalent projects obtained abroad.
(2) Host of the First / Second Prize of the provincial / ministerial scientific research award, winners of the equivalent prize awarded abroad, or winners of the equivalent award.
(3) No.1 author or corresponding author of more than 7 articles published in international top journals approved of by the University.
(4) Discipline Leaders with 2 or more team members with the same or approximately the same doctorates working for Hunan University of Arts and Science.
Younger than 35 years old in principle, with the same or similar majors during the bachelor, master and doctoral studies.
Types of Talent Introduction
1. Formal introduction: sign agreement (fixed term: 8 years) with the University and perform formal introduction procedures.
2. Talent introduction: sign short-term agreement (or commitment to certain tasks) with the University, in the form of part-time lectures, guest professors, or cooperative research, etc..
1. Both physically and mentally capable of the teaching and research at the university.
2. Doctoral certificates of diploma and degree admitted by the state. Overseas doctoral certificates of diploma and degree authenticated by the Overseas Study Service Center of the Ministry of Education.
1. Candidates shall provide the following materials for the departments concerned to authenticate:
(1) Personal resume and family members;
(2) Diploma certificate, certificate of academic degree and certificate of professional technical qualification;
(3) Articles, theses, books, scientific research projects, awards of teaching or scientific research, patent or other proof representing the candidates’ academic level and achievements.
2. The University’s expert team headed by the president are responsible for their ideology, education, and professional ability. The written assessment by the University’s expert team shall be put forward to by the personnel department. The University’s Party Committee has the final decision.
3. The quasi formally-introduced personnel shall be reported to, approved of and publicized by Hunan Department of Human Resources and Social Security. After the expiration of the publicity, the University shall sign the contract and process the relevant formalities.
4. Talents introduced shall make annual work plan, fulfill the corresponding post responsibilities, and complete all the tasks stipulated in employment period. Any failure to complete the corresponding tasks leads to recovery and deduction of related funds according.
5. Service for the top talents officially introduced is at least 8 years in, the school of the top talents is responsible for the management and assessment. Any failure of full service at the University (transfer, callout, resignation, outbound abroad at one’s own expense) or unqualified school dismissal shall bear the liability for breach of contract as below:
(1) Returning settling-in allowance in proportion in accordance with the provisions of the employment contract within 1 month, a full refund of the University’s expenditure of the employees’ training, education and the like during service, penalty for breach of contract RMB ¥10000 / year.
(2) Fulfillment of handover procedures of the University’s fixed assets (including equipment and materials purchased with scientific research start-up funds) before leaving, a cease of remaining funds.
(3) Termination of the spouses’ job the moment the formally-introduced top talents are transferred from the University.
(4) Top talents introduced before the provision shall fulfill the contract signed.