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Catering Service

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    There are altogether five cafeterias in the university, including four student cafeterias and a dining hall (Xuefu Dining Hall). In accordance with the principle of “serving the teachers and students”, the cafeteria management aims at “zero incident” in food hygiene and security. The cafeterias operate on the notion that continuous innovations should be advocated and that the consumption demands of the teachers and students should be satisfied on the basis of regions and consumption levels. As for breakfast, no less than 30 varieties of food are provided. As for lunch and supper, there are 35 kinds of staple food and 30 kinds of non-staple food, which can be arranged into three levels, high-grade, mid-grade and low grade, at the proportion of 2 to 5 to 3. The high-grade food costs 5 to 9 yuan, accounting for 20 percent of the food; the mid-grade food 2.5 to 3.5 yuan, 50 percent; the low-grade food 1 to 2.5 yuan, 30 percent. Free soup is provided for the teachers and students in each meal. In addition, help is offered to the poor students who can participate in more than 15 work-study jobs each year.