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Introduction to Campus Culture Extracurricular Activities

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    In college students’ extracurricular scientific, technological and cultural activities, Youth League Committee attaches importance to creating campus brands, strives for work highlights, strengthens college students’ comprehensive abilities, cultivates their innovative thoughts, and instructs them to improve their comprehensive qualities.
Perfecting Brand Construction
    Campus culture brand construction themed with “giving thanks” is improving. According to the requirements of Hunan Provincial Education Department, a speech contest and essay contest with the theme of “giving thanks first” were held in HUAS and the recommended excellent contestants won the first prize in the provincial speech contest. The activity of “giving thanks and seeking strength” was carried out and thousands of students wrote letters to their parents and seniors, who replied to them with more than 3000 letters. HUAS is making every effort to forge the culture brand “giving thanks”, which is a complete construction system focusing on thanks giving letter writing and incorporating thanks giving forums, speeches, short messages and blogs so that a self-strength culture environment can be created.
Enriching Cultural Activities
    In order to strengthen campus culture construction and improve college students’ ideological, moral and cultural qualities, Youth League Committee and Students’ Affairs Department co-hosted HUAS College Students’ Science-Technology Culture Festival themed with “Youth, Mission, Ambition and Achievement”, which contained 12 characteristic and colorful science-technology culture activities, including Youth League Cadre Training Class, Challenge Club Lecture, College Students Career Orientation Competition, Innovation and Enterprise Research Project, Modern Drama Show, Animation Contest and Micro-blogging  Contest. More than 8000 students participated in the Festival, which was a big success.         
Guiding the Healthy Development of Student Associations
    Currently HUAS has 78 registered student associations. The student associations fully exert their advantages and organize a variety of activities of high taste, such as Sailing Debate Competition, Chess Competition and Modern Drama Show. Every year Association Culture Festival will present the teachers and students with colorful and wonderful programs, like Challenging Host Competition, Campus Singer Competition and Campus Bands Show, enhancing the cohesion of the associations and their influence on college students. 
Improving College Students’ Comprehensive Qualities
    In order to implement the construction of college students’ ideological and moral qualities, 74 excellent students selected from Music College and Sports College have formed HUAS College Students Arts and Sports Service Team, which takes advantage of the leading role of the arts and sports backbones, combines moral education, aesthetic education and physical education, meets the arts and sports demands of each college, and helps to improve college students’ comprehensive qualities.