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Introduction to HUAS TV Station

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    HUAS TV Station is a school TV organization directly under the leadership of Publicity Department of CPC Committee of HUAS, responsible for TV reports and picture news reports of important school events, special TV program production and the station’s publicity work.
    HUAS TV Station, which was set up in March 2003 and officially launched its broadcast on May 6, 2003, aims to reflect campus activities, focus on hot campus issues and pass down social civilization. It is an important medium to publicize the Party’s line, principles and policies and a primary channel through which the staff members learn about and have a grasp of school events. Ever since its official launch, the station has produced enormous high-quality programs and broadcast a considerable number of news items which care about the teachers and students, have a close tie with campus life and reflect the development and achievement in the field of teaching and research.   
Office: Floor 2, HUAS Office Building, News Center
Tel: 0736-718602
Addr: Dongting Avenue 3150, Changde City, Hunan Province
Zip Code: 415000