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Introduction to HUAS Newspaper

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    HUAS Newspaper is hosted by CPC Committee of HUAS, and its predecessor was Changde Teachers College(Jan.,2000-Feb.,2003), which has been renamed since May 10, 2003, when the university began to bear the present name. Its national serial number is CN43/0840/(G). HUAS Newspaper is a periodical folio 4-edition newspaper, which is published once every ten days in a month and has a circulation of 6000 copies per issue for the teachers and students in HUAS, brotherhood universities and renowned alumna to read for free.
E-mail Box:
Office:Floor 1, Office Building of HUAS
Tel: 0736-7186031
Addr: Dongting Avenue 3150, Changde City, Hunan Province
Zip Code: 415000