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Overview of Student Associations

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    Student associations are an important carrier of campus culture and an integral part of extracurricular activities. HUAS has already established 78 student associations attached to 17 subordinate colleges, which fall into four categories: cultural and artistic associations(22, including Ink Gallery Calligraphy Association, Blue Villa Photography Association, Green Wind Literature Association), language learning associations(9, including English Association,  Japanese Community, Korean Learners’ Group), public service and practice associations(12, including Sunshine Public Service Association, Social Practice Garden), sports and games associations(8, including Strength Badminton Association,  Elite Wushu Associaton), academic and technical associations(13, including Law Association,  Mathematical Modeling Association) and comprehensive associations(14, Wisdom Mind Association, Library Association).   
    The student associations fully exert their advantages and organize a variety of activities of high taste, such as Sailing Debate Competition, Chess Competition and Modern Drama Show. Every year Association Culture Festival will present the teachers and students with colorful and wonderful programs, like Challenging Host Competition, Campus Singer Competition and Campus Bands Show, enhancing the cohesion of the associations and their influence on college students.