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Professor Dorothy from Bialystok University in Poland Visited HUAS

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Teachers and students from Formal College were listening carefully to Dorothy’s lecture

Dorothy was having a seminar with teachers from Formal College

Dorothy wasinteracting with the students majoring in pre-service teacher education

In response to HUSA's internationally school-running concept, HUAS formal college invited Professor Dorothy from Education and Psychology College of Bialystok University in Poland to stay for one month and give seminars to teachers and students from HUAS Formal College on the following four themes:Active Listening and Understanding Emotions,Culture's Role in Interpersonal Communication,Development and Socialization andEducation toward Developing Intercultural Relation.

During the one-month visit, Professor Dorothy observed the classes personally, discussed with the teachers about what went wrong with classes, analyzed the differences between Chinese and Polish teaching systems and give some valuable advice to the teachers. She also organized a China-Poland Cultural Exchange Salon so that the teachers can have a better understanding of the differences between Chinese and Polish cultures.

MissLi Yan said: “Although the content of each lesson taught by Professor Dorothy is roughly the same, there are always some new ideas in each lesson. I was amazed by the fact that the teacher was so good at inducting the students into the knowledge and the students are full of imagination. ” Mr. Liu Weihong, Ge Qizhi and Miss Xiao Fang all stated that Professor Dorothy used the case to interpret the theory in her class which was thought-provoking and completely reflected the people-oriented teaching concept. She was also humorous and approachable, which helped her win popularity with the students. The lectures were profound, simple, practical and closely related to the theme.

After attending Professor Dorothy's lecture, students from class 17101 majoring in pre-school education said that the lecture was not only a simple English speaking class, but also a very academic and enlightening lesson given by Professor Dorothy. Apart from the language and culture, they also learned useful knowledge on childcare. Some other vocational students who also attended the lecture stated that Professor Dorothy’s class was easy and enjoyable. Students were encouraged to express their own ideas through communication and interaction, which was very inspiring.

Through organizing the activity, teachers from Formal College gained a great opportunity to understand the new teaching concept and teaching method. It also stimulated the students' enthusiasm for learning and improved teachers’ motivation. It further promoted a classroom revolution which enhanced the efficiency and the development of high-quality teaching.