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Visit From St.Mary University

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On Sept 5th, Chinese Regional Director of International Cooperation Department Jonathan Pitt from St.Mary University paid a visit to HUAS. HUAS Vice President Li Hongge hosted a meeting with the visitors and had a deep conversation about the cooperation between the two schools. Relevant members from International Exchange Department, Economics and Management College, Resource Environment and Tourism College attended the meeting.   


On behalf of HUAS, Mr.Li Hongge delivered a welcome speech on not only the history of HUAS, but also his experience as a visiting guest to St.Mary University in June. He extended his hope for further cooperation between two the parts on 2+2 programme, 3+1 programme, students overseas internship, teachers training etc. At the meeting, the two sides have reached an agreement on programme implementation, students enrollment, and some mutually-beneficial policies. Jonathan Pitt expressed his gratitude for our hospitality and was confident in more comprehensive cooperation in the future.  

After the meeting, Jonathan Pitt walked around on campus with some HUAS staff members and had a nice conversation with the student representatives from Mathematics and Computer Science College.