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HUAS Alumnae Debut in UN Headquarters

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CPC Hunan Provincial Committee, Publicity Minister Zhang Wenxiong (fourth from left), and HUAS alumnae Zhu Xiaoling (fourth from right), Liu Xiaohan (second from right), Song Muyun (second from left) at the opening ceremony. 

Live performance at the opening ceremony.

    Changde Stringed Art Theater, led by the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee, Publicity Minister Zhang Wenxiong, was invited to debut in the UN headquarters in New York on December 30 at the opening ceremony of “Beautiful Hunan—Hunan Culture Steps Into UN”. Zhu Xiaoling, Director of the theatre and the actresses Liu Xiaohan, Song Muyun are HUAS alumnae.
    On the opening ceremony, three tracks were performed in all: HUNAN IS A GOOD PLACE, HOW PROUD TO BE A HUNANESE, RAP WITH STRINGED INSTRUMENTS. Distinguished guests from UN departments concerned, Chinese Delegation to the UN, UNSCR Chinese Book Club, UN Chinese Interest Group, Consulate General of CPC in New York, Hunan Fellow Association of the USA, and Hunan Chamber of Commerce attended the ceremony and watched the performance.
    Popular in areas of Yuanjiang River and Lishui River of Changde, Changde Stringed Music is a Han local music with distinctive local features sung in Changde dialect, played with stringed instruments such as dulcimer, Pipa, Sanxian, Huqin. On May 20, 2006, the music was listed in The First Batch of National-Level Intangible Cultural Heritages.
    As a local cultural card, Changde Stringed Music has been played in Malaysia, France, Laos, and Thailand, enjoying good fame in recent years.