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“12th Five-Year” Hunan Provincial Key Construction Disciplines Successfully Appr

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    Recently, the Education Department of Hunan Province concluded the “Twelfth Five-Year” Key Provincial Discipline Inspection. HUAS’s 6 provincial key construction disciplines have passed the acceptance inspection with the 83% excellence rate after the process of school self-evaluation, form examination by the Education Department, material publicity, online evaluation, meeting acceptance and conclusion publicity. Among them, Literary Theory, Industry Economics, Zoology, Mechanical Design and Theory, Applied Chemistry are concluded as “excellent”, much higher than the provincial excellence rate average 50%. Listed in the top among the similar institutions in the province, this has laid a good foundation for HUAS’s “13th Five-Year” Provincial Discipline declaration.
    Among the 256 provincial key disciplines and key construction disciplines to be inspected and accepted, a total of 102 provincial key disciplines are concluded as “excellent”, 63 “good”, 31 “qualified”. 31 Provincial Key Construction Disciplines are concluded as “excellent”, 19 “good”, 10 “qualified”.