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Journal of Wuling Introduction

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    Journal of Wuling is a bimonthly magazine, sponsored by the Education Department of Hunan Province, directed by Hunan University of Arts and Science, and it had the honor to win National University Top Journals of Social Sciences, Chinese Journals of Humanities and Social Sciences Journal, Important Source Journals.

    Journal of Wuling follows the purposes of academic, innovative, and local, and adheres to the academic character of the combination of theory and reality, macro research and service of local characteristics, combining research and following the advanced combination to organize feature columns. The feature columns include Chinese Moral Culture Research(CMCR) and Study on the Economic and Social Development of Dongting Lake(SESDDL). CMCR was set up in 2010, and focus on the local culture, inheritance and innovation of Chinese culture to serve the reality. Some articles from CMCR were reprinted by Xinhua Digest, CUAA, Renmin University of China Press, Spiritual Civilization and so on. In 2013, Periodicals of Hunan Province Association honored CMCR with excellent column. SESDDL was set up in 2000, and focus on the aspects as ecological security, water security, food security, the modern industrial layout, urban and rural areas, social management of the area around Dongting Lake, to provide ideas and theoretical support for the development of Dongting Lake Area officially rising to national development strategies.

    Journal of Wuling always adheres to the fine line, firmly grasps the academic quality of the core, has made gratifying achievements in the academic journal, response and good social effect in recent years. Journal of Wuling has been among the forefront of the domestic similar University Journals of social sciences. According to periodical information retrieval center statistics of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law library, the reprinted articles number was 23, which ranked 368th in 2398 journals, 33rd in the Journal of Comprehensive University, and 1st in Hunan Province. In 2012, the reprinted articles number was 18, which ranked 494th in 2315 journals, 39th in the Journal of Comprehensive University, and 1st in Hunan Province. In 2013, the reprinted articles number was 18, which ranked 511st in 2379 journals, 38th in the journals of Comprehensive University, and 2cd in Hunan Province. In recent years, factor influence of Journal of Wuling steadily rose, also the fund paper ratio and WEB download rate have improved.

    In 2006, 2010 and 2014, Journal of Wuling was honored with “National top 100 university Journals of Social Sciences”. In 2012, it was sifted as the reprinted source journals by Newspapers and Periodicals(Renmin University).