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Professor Zhou Guzhen

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    Born in June 1956 and being of Han Nationality, Professor Zhou Guzhen is a local of Taojiang County, Hunan Province. In December 1981, she graduated from Department of Chemistry of Hunan Normal University. In 1986, she became a teacher in Changde Teachers University. In 1987, she furthered her study in South China Normal University. In 2005, she studied as a visiting scholar in Hunan University. In 1995, she was promoted to be an associate professor and a professor in 2006. Professor Zhou has long been engaged in teaching such courses as Inorganic Chemistry, Coordination Chemistry and the like. Her diligence and scrupulousness, her cultivation of students’ competence, her bilateral interaction in class have won students’ popularity and recognition. Apart from teaching, Professor Zhou devotes herself to scientific research. In the past years, she finished quite a few scientific research projects and published more than 20 academic papers on core periodicals and publications such as Journal of Chemistry, Analytic Chemistry, Journal of Analytic Test, Chinese Journal of Modern Applied Medicine and so on .Her magnificent achievements in teaching and scientific research won her a great number of honors and prizes.