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Professor Zheng Changcheng

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    Born in March 1963 and being of the Han Nationality, Zheng Changcheng, a local of Changde, Hunan Province, is a member of the Chinese Communist Party. In 1984, he graduated from East China University of Geology with hydrogeology as his major and became a teacher in the same university. In 1987, he furthered his study in Chinese Academy of Geological Science and received his master’s degree in 1990. Between August 1995 and February 2001, he worked in Changsha Mining Research Institute. In March 1999, he graduated from Central South University and got his doctor’s degree. In December 1999, he was prommoted to be professor-level senior engineer. Now he is the dean of College of Civil and Architectural Engineering of Hunan University of Arts and Science, a national registered civil engineer (rock), a member of Academic Committee of Hunan University of Arts and Science, the chief engineer of Dingxin Civil Engineering Test Center, a member of Rock Mechanics and Engineering Society of Hunan Province, a member of Mechanics Society of Hunan Province, and a member of Applied Mechanics Society of Hunan Province. Mr. Zheng has been engaged in studying seepage control and rock & soil reinforcement. In the past years, he completed dozens of scientific research projects and won many scientific prizes. He has been engaged in teaching such courses as Environmental Geology, Engineering Geology, Soil Mechanics, Foundation Treatment, Deep foundation, Pit Engineering and the like. In addition, he has also participated in a multitude of social services, including providing countermeasure for administering geological disasters, reviewing assessment report of geological environment, and offering judicial identification for architectural projects.