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Professor Zhang Wengang

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    Born in 1959, Zhang Wengang is a local of Anxiang, Hunan Province and owns a master’s degree. He is a professor of College of Literature and History and the chief editor of Journal of Hunan University of Arts and Science. He is also a member of Chinese Contemporary Literature Research Association, Ding Ling Study Society of China, Literature and Arts Critics Association of Hunan Province, Writers Association of Hunan Province, and the vice chairman of Literature and Arts Critics Association of Changde City. Professor Zhang Wengang focuses mainly on the research of Chinese new poem, local writers of Changde and literary appreciation aesthetics. He forms his unique style of “poetic comment”. In the past years, he finished many scientific research projects of various levels, published several monographs and more than 50 academic papers on influential journals such as Guangming Daily, Literature and Arts Newspaper, Youth Literature, Chinese Books Comment, Theory and Creation, Journal of Hunan University, Journal of Hainan University, Journal of Yunan Normal University and so on. His monographs and papers won great reputation in the academic circle. Moreover, he devotes himself to the teaching of Modern and Contemporary Literature, Aesthetics of Literature and Arts and is very popular among his students for his good teaching effect.