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Professor Yang Jirong

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    Yang Jirong, a local of Changde, Hunan Province, is a professor and senior engineer in College of Mechanic Engineering. He graduated from Hunan University and received his bachelor’s degree. He graduated from Central China University of Science and Technology and received his master’s degree. In 1998, he went to German, France, Belgium and Netherlands to make technological survey. In September 2000, he became a teacher in university. Between 2005 and 2006, he studied as a senior visiting scholar in Research & Development Center of Green Design and Manufacturing of Tsinghua University. Now he is an evaluation expert of National Natural Science Fund Project and Hunan Province Natural Science Fund Project. He focuses on the research of green design and manufacturing theory of mechanic products and application of set pair theory in machining. In the past years, he finished many important scientific research projects of various levels and won many scientific research prizes, published more than 30 academic papers on influential journals at home and abroad, compiled some influential textbooks such as Theory and Practice of Modern Mechanic Manufacturing Technology, Handbook for Machinery Manufacturing. He is good at applying his scientific research results into teaching. His solid theoretical foundation, good command of teaching methods and rich teaching experience facilitate students’ understanding of his lessons. He exemplifies theory with vivid illustrations and instances, which is illuminating and enlightening to students. His popularity among students is immense. He won many prizes for his wonderful performance in teaching.