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Remarkable Results from Two Competitions [2017/12/11]
Overseas Practice Education Conference [2017/11/09]
Meeting with Delegation from University of Mary [2017/09/29]
Visit from Université Laval [2017/09/19]
Another ASFEA Chosen Programme from HUAS [2017/09/19]
Visit From St.Mary University [2017/09/06]
China Marketing Director Betty Wang from University of Fraser Valley,Canada visited Inte… [2017/05/09]
A Visit from UFV Delegation [2017/03/27]
UFV Delegation Visits HUAS for Cooperation [2016/09/25]
Keimyung University President Synn Ilhi Visits HUAS [2016/06/21]
US Lyon College Visits HUAS for Friendship and Cooperation [2016/05/17]
Opening Ceremony for 2016 Russian Students in HUAS Chinese Culture Workshop [2016/03/29]
NCI Vice President Jimmy Hill Visits HUAS [2016/03/17]
Biwa University of Japan Visits HUAS [2016/03/14]
HUAS-Keimyung University Korean Center Sees off 1st 14 Students’ Graduation [2016/01/13]
HUAS Alumnae Debut in UN Headquarters [2016/01/13]
ACU Regional Manager Visits HUAS [2015/12/29]
UNIPD Prof.Denis Bastieri & GZHU Prof. Fan Junhui Lecture in HUAS [2015/12/09]
Partnerships with Keimyung University [2015/11/13]
1st International Program Undergraduates Starting Dual Bachelor’s Degrees in UK [2015/10/17]
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