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Giving to HUAS

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Funds Donation    


Contact HUASEDF, talk about donation matter(amount of funds, donation intent, allotted time, etc.), and sign “Donation Agreement”.
Tel: 0736-7187007
QQ: 1554258319
Remit donation to the designated account:
Name of account: Hunan University of Arts and Science Education Development Foundation
Name of account: ICBC Changde Furong Branch
Account number: 1908075709020113662 
Be granted with social honor and provided with relevant documents(the donation receipt, donation certificate, plaque, preferential tax document, policy advice)   


Materials Donation    


As for materials directly applicable in public service activities, the Foundation is to aid the designated unit or individual.
As for materials not directly applicable in public service activities, you could auction them and donate the money to a designated public service program.   
If you have no intention to auction the materials, the Foundation will accept your donation and entrust it to the care of some department for public service enterprises with your authorization.


Please contact us:
Hu Hongjun
Tel: 15886670958