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2019-2020 HUAS Recruitment for Foreign Experts and Teachers [2019/12/25]
HUAS Teachers and Students Watched the National Day Parade with Pride [2019/10/23]
CAD Play Peach Blossom Fan Comes to HUAS [2019/10/22]
2019 Travel across the Strait and Get-together at Sun Moon Lake HUAS-to-Taiwan Exchange … [2019/06/24]
Well-received Love Pick-up Service Three Year In A Roll [2019/03/11]
The 17th National College Education Thought Seminar was Held in HUAS [2018/12/25]
​​HUAS Celebrated the 60th Anniversary of Founding [2018/12/18]
2018 Chinese Ethnic Trend Tour by Wulin Charm Art Group Complete [2018/12/04]
​​The First National Overseas Sinology PhD Forum Held in HUAS [2018/11/25]
HUAS Commendation Ceremony for 34th Teachers’ Day [2018/11/07]
Military Expert Dai Xu Gave a Lecture on Sino-US Relations [2018/10/17]
​Class of 2018 Graduation Ceremony Was Held in HUAS [2018/07/08]
The Tenth "HUAS Top Ten Students" and 2016-2017 "National Scholarship" Award Ceremony Su… [2018/06/04]
Countless Donations from HUAS Alumni [2018/05/25]
HUAS Officials Visit Longyang Village for Poverty Alleviation Work [2018/05/11]
HUAS Volunteers’ Effort to Protect Yuan River [2018/03/26]
HUAS Teachers and Students Focused on 2018 Two Sessions [2018/03/22]
HUAS School Union Awarded as Outstanding Union [2018/03/12]
HUAS First Flag raising Ceremony in 2018 [2018/03/06]
Secretary Gu Zhengqi Visited Hekou Community [2017/11/13]
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